How to charge Bluetooth earphones

To charge bluetooth earphones you should plug in the micro usb charger in the port of the earphones. However different earphones comes with different types of charging port.

How to charge Bluetooth earphones?

There are two types of Bluetooth earphones, one is Bluetooth neckbands and the other is the true wireless earphones. In order to charge the neckband, simply plug in the micro USB charger or type c charger into its port.

The truly wireless earbuds must be kept inside the charging pod to charge it. The pod also needs to be charged regularly and usually, it can charge the earbuds around 3 times.

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Most Bluetooth earphones have a charging light that starts glowing as it charges and turns off when fully charged. Some earphones have another light that turns on when the earphones are fully charged.

The charging time for most earphones is around 1.5 hours and when fully charged they can be played continuously for up to 20 hours. However, the playtime varies for different earphones and usually ranges between 6 hours to over 20 hours.

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Check out the video tutorial to charge your bluetooth earphone.

How to charge bluetooth earphones to increase its life?

Inorder to increase your bluetooth headphones life and keep the batteries healthy you should follow the following steps.

  • Charge your Bluetooth headphone before draining the whole battery. To keep the batteries healthy you should charge your Bluetooth headphone before the battery goes below 10%.
  • Switch off the earphone before charging it. Most earphones automatically switch off, if your earphones do not switch off automatically then you should manually do so to charge it well.
  • Use brand original charger if possible as it delivers the right power input and increases the battery life.

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